Civil Litigation
Civil litigation generally includes disputes in which one party is claimed to have committed a wrong, but not a crime. This Office has represented clients bringing and defending all types of civil claims. We have earned a reputation for professionalism, diligence and determination in handling civil matters.
Our experience ranges from straight-forward contract disputes to complex document-intensive litigation.  This Office will aggressively pursue your case from start to finish. When appropriate, we will try to arrive at a timely and fair settlement. If it is necessary, we will forcefully represent your interests in court.

Criminal Litigation
Everyone knows someone who has encountered law enforcement. Criminal charges and investigations often bring anxiety and uncertainty to the accused and his or her family. For this reason, it is essential to promptly find an experienced partner who can guide you through the legal process. We provide our clients with the clarity needed to understand the criminal law processes and protect our clients by finding the best solutions based on their needs.